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SLH Consulting performs project management consulting missions

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Support for Due Diligence in the Oil & Gas sector

SLH Consulting offers strategic, commercial and technical support

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Negotiation & Strategic Analysis

SLH Consulting provides consulting assistance at any stage of negotiations

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Advisor approach

SLH Consulting is a Belgian advisory & consulting company specialized in project management, advisory services for M&A in the oil & gas business (with deep commercial & technical knowledge on European transmission system operators) and support for Strategic analyses and negotiations. The entrepreneurial experience and mindset of the company founder, Sébastien Lahouste, guarantees a pragmatic, realistic and transversal approach for its clients according to 4 key principles:

Listening to your needs

My key priority is to listen to you in order to integrate your priorities and expectations. Based on that, we define the mission deliverables

Transparency & efficiency

Transparency and efficiency in all my services (incl. reporting) are guaranteed, in order to fulfill your tight schedule and expectations

Network effect

By adequately using my professional network, I can always find a way to reach out for relevant information to support your mission


Able to link field and office experience, throughout my strong analytical and project management skills


Merging & Acquisitions and International Project Management support
Merging & Acquisitions and International Project Management support

Fluxys is a natural gas transmission system operator listed on Euronext Brussels. It employs over 1.200 people in Belgium and abroad and its infrastructure comprises: natural gas transmission pipelines, natural gas storages, LNG terminals and gas trading places.

Project Management & Negotiation advisor
Project Management & Negotiation advisor

Transitgas constructs and operates a natural gas transport system which runs from the northern border to the southern border of Switzerland.

Contractual & Commercial support (Reverse Flow project)
Contractual & Commercial support (Reverse Flow project)

Part of the Fluxys Group, FluxSwiss is the transmission system operator in the Transitgas pipeline, located in Switzerland. FluxSwiss commercializes 90% of the system’s capacity.

Commercial Director, Board Member
Commercial Director, Board Member

TEA-Energy is a Belgian company that produces, imports and distributes its professional LED lightings brand under the Qaledo name on 3 continents (Europe, Africa and Asia).

Commercial & Business Development support, Board Member
Commercial & Business Development support, Board Member

Buildevolution Revolutionizes the way you can visualize and promote your construction projects or events thanks to the complementary association of time-lapse, drone video and virtual reality.

Consultancy for EU-Grants filling and reporting & Negotiation advisor
Consultancy for EU-Grants filling and reporting & Negotiation advisor

Fluxys TENP GmbH is the transmission system operator in the TENP pipeline and commercializes approx. 64 % of the system’s capacity. The TENP pipeline makes gas flow from the North to the South of Europe and a project is underway to make the infrastructure bi-directional.

Working experience with the following companies

The biggest German gas Transmission System Operator
French gas Transmission System Operator
The Danish Transmission System Operator (gas & electricity)
The Dutch gas Transmission System Operator
The Polish Transmission System Operator (gas & electricity)
The biggest Belgian Construction Fair
The Italian gas Transmission System Operator
The Spanish gas Transmission System Operator
Dredging & Land Reclamation
Swiss gas Transmission & Distribution System Operator
The Swedish gas Transmission System Operator
European Parking Management Leader


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