Project Management

SLH Consulting performs project management consulting missions to help organizations, project managers, and business leaders to apply project and portfolio management practices that drive performance and operational efficiency. Key tasks:

  • Undertake an independent project review (on Planning, Budget and Scope) and advise on required project structure to ensure smooth project execution
  • Establish a critical path analysis, highlight potential issues and propose corresponding mitigants
  • Coach your project managers and help them to build a winning team
  • Link you with respected project managers from my network



  • Close to 10 years of project management experience, supported by a strong engineering background (Electro-mechanical engineering Master)
  • Responsible for transversal & complex gas installation projects with total budget of up to 50M€ (construction/modification of pipelines, gas reducing, metering and compressor stations) as project manager for Fluxys Belgium
  • Carried out multiple projects in parallel, supported by a team of up to 25 persons in direct lead (e.g.: vTn2 project: 170km 40’’ pipeline incl. 13 stations)
  • Responsible of M&A processes for which I had to coordinate multi-disciplinary teams and advisors in a highly challenging environment

Support for Due Diligence in the Oil & Gas sector

SLH Consulting offers strategic, commercial and technical advices and support for Due Diligences processes in the Oil & Gas industry, with proven track record of acquisitions processes for gas infrastructure companies (Transmission & Distribution gas networks including compressor & metering & reducing/pigging stations, gas storages and LNG terminals).

  • Support you with the Commercial Vendor Due Diligence review (Commercial and Contractual aspects, Tariffs, Market review)
  • Support you with the Technical Vendor Due Diligence review, including a review of CAPEX/OPEX elements within the Business Plan, as well as HSE aspects
  • Support you with the review of Commercial or Technical Vendor Due Diligence materials in case of Sell-side activity
  • Critical analysis of the Business Plan to challenge and advise on the proposed figures


Relevant experience in M&A processes

  • I was responsible for Merging & Acquisition processes within Fluxys with a detailed insight into the strategic, commercial and technical components of a due diligence
  • I worked with a huge network of M&A professionals and understand how challenging & demanding the process can be
  • Took part in more than 10 due diligence processes, both on buy and sell side (when at Fluxys)

Negotiation & Strategic Analysis

SLH Consulting provides consulting assistance at any stage of negotiations with clear preference on helping the preparation of a negotiation which is often under-estimated.

  • As preparation is key in negotiation, I can challenge it by identifying the potential weak points such that you come fully prepared for your deal
  • Some negotiations challenge even the best of your deal-makers. I can help you negotiate successfully by becoming part of your team. I can coach your negotiators one-to-one, rehearse scenarios, prepare proposals and guide you from beginning to end
  • Advise you to review strategic goals or to carry detailed analysis to evaluate which option/approach is the most optimal, taking into account not only commercial or technical elements but as well political, legal or regulatory requirements


Relevant experience in negotiation

  • I hold an MBA during which I focused on entrepreneurship and negotiation courses
  • I carried out numerous negotiations when acting for Fluxys whether it was as project manager or M&A responsible. This allowed to save millions of euros to my company at the time
  • By identifying mid-long term benefits, I could unlock very difficult situations when negotiating for strategic/commercial agreements in the oil & gas sector
  • I like to challenge strategies to choose the most efficient one